Little Bunny: 1 to 20 African Animals Coloring Pages

No need to buy a coloring book when you can print one off.

These 1 to 20 African animals Numbers Coloring Pages are great for learning to count!

Little Bunny: 1 to 20 African Animals Coloring Pages

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Perfect to take along with a box of crayons or colored pencils to sports practices and games for when Little Ones get bored, or restaurants where the wait for food challenges everyone (coloring pages are always a hit!).

Print the pages off one at a time and when the pages are completed staple them together to make a completed book.

Or print the whole book off at once and staple all the pages together then your Little One can take the book with them and work their way through the pages.

Little Bunny: 1 to 20 African Animals Coloring Pages

Let’s count!

1 to 20 African Animals Number Coloring Pages

Little Bunny learns to count from 1 to 20 while meeting African Animals.

Your Little One will enjoy counting along with Little Bunny and coloring the animals.

On the last page don’t forget to count Little Bunny as one of the 20 creatures.


This free printable pack includes 21 pages (20 pages plus cover).

Each of the pages has a number (written with letters and numeric) to color along with a number of animals corresponding to that number.

Little Bunny: 1 to 20 African Animals Coloring Pages

The Little Bunny Series

Counting to ten might sound easy but what about counting backwards? This adorable book helps kids learn to count to to (and back again) as Mama and Baby Bunny walk down the trail and count other animals. Sweet and simple.
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Dianne Miller is a landscape painter who lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters.
Her work includes the Little Bunny series written for her children when they were preschoolers.
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