Airplane Coloring Pages

Old School Propeller Planes, Fighter Planes, Airbuses…

If your little one loves airplanes he or she will love to color these babies!

Airplane Coloring Pages for Kids

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Airplane Coloring Pages

I am not a fan of air planes to be honest, don’t like to travel with them and as we live near a rather busy military airport I can say I’m not a fan of how they sound either – something that no kid I ever met minded as every time we see a plane the level of excitement is the same as it was the first time.

I do love the paper planes though, one of my favourite activities to do with kids – making them, modifying them to give them super boosts (apparently) and seeing whose will fly farther.

Never gets old.

So it’s time to fly away with these “just waiting to get their unique look” airplanes!

Get Your Airplane Coloring Pages

All of these coloring pages are free to print!

It is hard to pick which type of these flying machines is a kid favourite – fighter jets are always hot especially as we do visit air shows almost every year where they do all kinds of tricks.

Old school ones with propellers are always interesting too.

Big airliners have their own charm, kids tend to be amazed by their size.

The last 3 coloring pages are a bit less detailed so they are great for younger ones.

Get your free printable Airplane Coloring Pages here.