A Ton of Free Dinosaur Printables for Kids

Need some dinosaur printables for kids?

A to of free dinosaur printables for kids

You’ll find hundreds of free printables – from worksheets that will help your kids master all kinds of subjects to printable masks they can play with!
A to of free dinosaur printables

Free Printable Dino Learning Packs & Worksheets

1. Let’s start with the preschoolers! Grab this free printable dinosaur pack for preschool and let the fun begin! Itsy Bitsy Fun
2. Need more? You will love these preschool dinosaur printables! Easy Peasy and Fun
3. Also print these dinosaur printables! Coffee Cups and Crayons
4. This printable pack is suitable for kids from ages 2 to 7 so there’s something for everyone! 3 Dinosaurs
5. Still don’t have enough? Grab these free printables from Learning 2 Walk
6. Ready for counting practice? Print these dinosaur dot to dot pages! Itsy Bitsy Fun
7. Lets take on some math with these adorable dinosaur math worksheets!  Living Life and Learning
8. Have a toddler in the house? These dinosaur tot “worksheets” are just the thing! The Kennedy Adventure
9. Or grab this early learners printable pack! 123 Homeschool 4 Me
10. This printable dino pack is perfect for preschoolers! A Teaching Mommy

Coloring Pages

A to of free dinosaur coloring pages for kids

11. Lets color some dinosaur coloring pages! Easy Peasy and Fun
12. Of course we won’t stop at just one coloring pages pack! You will love thesetracing coloring pages! Itsy Bitsy Fun
13. Or grab these fierce dinosaur coloring pages! Itsy Bitsy Fun
14. Dinosaur copy work and coloring pages? Sounds fun! Only Passionate Curiosity
15. We’re not done! There’s even more free coloring pages just waiting for you to print them!

Masks, Games and More!

A to of free dinosaur masks, games and more for kids

16. Pretend play is always fun so why not print some dinosaur masks! Itsy Bitsy Fun
17. Lacing cards are a great way to practice fine motor skills! Living Life and Learning
18. Let’s play a dino game shall we? Preschool Mom
19. Or play this math puzzle hunt game? Kids Activities Blog
20. Brains need exercise! Grab this memory game and let’s do some brain workout! Itsy Bitsy Fun
21. You can also make a fun 3D paper dinosaur! Instructables