Bugs Coloring by Number Worksheets

These free printable Bugs Coloring by Number Worksheets for kids combine both art and practicing numbers.

Teachers and parents can use these fun and educational activity sheets with kindergarten, and 1st grade age groups.

Kids practice their color and number recognition skills to color in these friendly pictures of bugs.

Color by Number - Bugs Worksheets - Numbers to 10

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These versatile worksheets can be used as a fun activity during playtime. They can also be used to practice learning numbers and colors at home or in school.

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Coloring by Number Worksheets for K and 1st. grade

Each worksheet has a picture of a different bug.

Match the numbers in the picture with the corresponding colors on the bottom of the page. Each worksheet uses different colors and shades to create a full illustration.

There are three pictures in all. Once completed, printing new copies and assigning different colors to the numbers can create multiple possibilities for illustrations.

Color by Numbers - Bugs Worksheets with Numbers to 10

It will also be fun and educational to identify the different types of bugs that appear once the worksheet is done. This activity can then be turned into a lesson about insects and animals!

Coloring helps kids to focus on a specific task and develop their fine motor skills. Coloring is also proven to be a calming activity that encourages creativity.

Color by number worksheets adds numerous levels of learning by allowing kids to practice matching, using a key, and following instructions.

The colors in the key also introduce types of colors by including light and dark shades.

Bugs Color by Numbers from 1 to 10 Worksheets

This printable set of worksheets is cute, fun, stimulating and relaxing–so much that adults might even choose to color along with their children.

Print These fun Bugs Color by Numbers

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