I Have Courage Lion Printable

We all have our fears and overcoming them can be quite a challenge. We prepared a I Have Courage Lion Printable that is designed to help children identify their fears and (hopefully) help them cope with them.I Have Courage - Lion Printable

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Ready to explore your fears?

Let’s work through your child fears!

I Have Courage Lion Printable

This printable sheet will help your child when it comes to dealing with their fears.

First thing the child needs to do is to identify their fears and write them down. There are a 1001 things a child can be afraid of, ranging from fears that are easy to deal with and might even go away on their own (monsters under the bed are usually one of those) or more complex fears that will need more time (if ever resolved).

When it comes to “easy fears” (when we say easy, we don’t really mean it as each and every fear is real and stressful for a child or adult) some of them might be resolved following simple steps on this printable sheet.

Once your child has written down all of their fears let them pick one out (it’s best if they pick out the one they are lease stressed about). Let them embrace that fear. Let them say it out loud.

Have them asses that fear on a scale from 1 to 10. Putting a number on their fear will help them track their progress.

How can they overcome that fear? There are a few tips on the printable and kids can try the methods that apply to their fear.

Give it some time and have them go through the printable sheet again. Have them asses the same fear again. Was there any progress made (even if by 1)? Sucess!

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