Cute Paper Tube Owls


Paper tubes are great for crafting projects with kids – be it toilet paper rolls or kitchen towel rolls cut down to smaller tubes. They are great for making toys, stamps and other artsy projects and this time we’ll be making cute little owls!


 Cute Paper Tube Owls

We do like owls a lot and there are quite a few of them living around our house and we hear a lot of whoo whoo’s!
The most fun part of this project is painting the paper tubes! The more chance for making a mess the more popular the activity I guess :). I really love the sponge brushes – they make coloring more fun and if your kids are anything like I was (frustrated by the uneven lines of a regular brush) these will bring them the peace of mind.

When the rolls dry (or not, as I said more mess more fun) fold one end of the tube towards the centre of the tube to get the head shape. You can use the glue to secure it but it isn’t necessary.

Now let’s get to decorating! As kids love punching (if you have a hole puncher you know what I mean) party circle punch, in my case scallop one, will be perfect for making owls front side. The peak is made from yellow rubber sheet.

Can’t have a cute project without googly eyes now can we?

Last but not least we finished the owls with feathers!