Easter Egg Craft – Little Chicken

 Easter Egg Craft - Little Chicken
Easter is getting closer and closer! I’ve decided to do a few “test” runs on kid friendly egg “painting” and this is first of my creations (you can never be to ready). These are fun and just messy enough to make that kids will love doing them. The end result is pretty awesome to, the texture of the chicks is, well funky!


What You Need

  • eggs (I had hard boiled ones)
  • egg white mixed with a spoon of sugar (natural glue)
  • corn grits
  • googly eyes
  • orange paper 

Put the egg into egg white sugar glue – make sure it is covered all over.

Roll the egg in corn grits – I used a plate but for smaller hands I suggest you put the grits into a bowl (a plastic one) so it’s easier to roll. 

Before applying the facial details let the “glue” dry for a while – it won’t take long to dry (a few minutes). A few grains of corn grits will probably fall off the soon to be chicks but once these are all dry and all the excess grains fall the rest are there to stay!

Cut the beak (and optionally the comb but it’s quite tricky to glue on the head – I had to use white glue) and glue it on the chick. Add the googly eyes and your chick is ready to party!

Aren’t these adorable? I made the nests out of pipe cleaners – they make a great egg stands for display!

I can’t wait to share more Easter egg ideas kids can easily make with you so stay tuned!