Following Directions Worksheets for Kids

Want to strengthen your kid’s orientation skills? Learn some basic directions with a help of brand new Following Directions Worksheets pack.

Your kids will learn to follow 4 most common directions in a fun way.

Learn Following Directions - Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

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Following Directions Worksheets for Kids

This free set of following directions worksheets includes 8 pages.

All of the pages are in a black and white version.

The worksheets will help your child to understand the four basic directions: right, left, up and down.

These directions are most commonly used in everyday life, so let’s do some fun practice.

On the first page, there is a trace and color worksheet. Kids need to trace the differently pointed arrows and words with their favorite crayons or markers. They can color the arrows in colors they like, to make them pop out.

The following page has 4 empty boxes. On the left side of each box, there is a written direction. Young learners need to draw the accurate arrow which the word beside the box describes.

On the third and fourth page, kids need to distinguish between those four directions by coloring them in the given colors.

The next two pages are for all the animal lovers. Color all of the animals that are looking left on the fifth page, and color the animals that are looking in the right direction on the following page.

Finish off by solving two cool mazes. These two games are perfect for strengthening pattern recognition skills also.

Kiddos need to follow the pattern of two arrows to solve the maze from start to finish.

With this exercise, they will surely become experts of following the basic directions.

Follow Directions - Worksheets

Get your Free Following Directions Worksheets here.

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