Paper Roll Skeleton Fish

We’re counting days till Halloween and are already in the “spooky” grove (that’s why we made these toilet paper roll skeleton fish)
We love toilet paper roll crafts – they are frugal and fun and the possibilities are virtually endless (I call all these crafts TP roll crafts although we often use kitchen towel rolls too – also great for those that don’t like using TP rolls).

 Paper Roll Skeleton Fish

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We haven’t made anything with TP rolls in a while so it was about time to put them to good use (we still have quite a few left so I am seriously thinking about making a haunted mansion but still have to brainstorm on how to make it in a kid friendly way).
So my mother suggested we make TP fish (like we did them when I was a kid ♥ ) and I decided to give this sweet project a Halloween twist.

These are fairly easy to make and I really thing the more you have the better they will look!

First you have to color the paper roll black (I like to color them on the inside too as they look better in the end – just my personal thing).

We usually color them with sponge brushes as it’s super easy, quick and the paint is always applied evenly (not that anything is wrong with not evenly ha! – I was an everything must be even freak as a kid).

Next you have to flatten the TP roll a bit so that it is easier to cut and cut the fish shape as seen on the picture. Depending on kids age and scissor skills this is the part you may step in.

Last but not least – drawing the fish bone and let it dry. Sponge brush won’t be of use here, you will need your plain brush.

Aren’t they spooky cute? They will make a fun decoration for Halloween – you could also do a Aquarium diorama (use a big shoe box – from boots or something).