Superhero Mask Template

Who didn’t want to be a superhero at least for a day as a kid? That’s why we’ve prepared a new pack of free printables Superhero Mask Template for kids – simply to become one too.

These cool printable masks are perfect as party masks or just to have some fun play time.

Printable Superhero Mask Template for Kids

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Ready to start?

Let’s put a mask on and get those magical powers and become super heroes!

Superhero Mask Templates for Kids

Extraordinary abilities have always been a mystery, and superheroes are sure the ones that have them.

Of course, it is all a role-playing game and that’s what this pack is all about. Let’s stimulate your kid’s imagination with a help of these awesome masks and have fun doing it.

These paper super hero mask templates are perfect for kids in preschool, kindergarten and for older ones as well.

You will get 4 pages of them. We prepared two versions – a black and white one and a pre-colored one.

Each version includes 8 different designs.

Firstly, choose your preferred version and print it out. If your kids love to color, we surely recommend the printer-friendly one. Kids can color them with their favorite crayons or markers to make them unique.

After you color the masks, cut them out and create the “eye area” and small holes on each side of the mask for the string.

If the mask doesn’t fit perfectly, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the eyes if you need to.

Have fun creating the whole set of masks with this free pack!

Superhero Mask Templates for Kids

Get your free Superhero Mask Templates – Black and White Version here.

Grab your free Superhero Mask Templates – Colored Version here.

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