Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids: Peacock

Another day another toilet paper roll craft! Peacock is now officially my favourite paper roll bird – we did owls a couple of weeks ago and they were darling but this is really something else!
You will need about 4 toilet paper roll tubes (or other paper tubes) and green and blue color. We made the beak using the rubber foam and used googly eyes to make the eyes pop.

 Toilet Paper Roll Craft for Kids: Peacock


Color the tubes – one blue and others green. We used a sponge brush to color the green tubes on the inside (it looks better if they are colored both outside and inside.)

When the color dries cut the green tube to stripes (we got 4 to 5 stripes out of each). Start gluing the stripes together with white glue (in a manner shown on the pictures). Let it dry.

Last comes the tricky part – gluing on the “feather tail” onto the peacock torso. We used white glue and we had to do it very, very generously so it took a while to dry and I had my doubts about it – it all looked so wobbly. But in the end it did hold. However if we will be making this pretty birdy again my glue weapon of choice will be a glue gun.