Toilet Paper Roll Craft Independence Day Bunting

I know it’s a bit early to be making 4th of July crafts but this is something we just couldn’t resist.

This craft was inspired by a project from Kids Activities Blog РPaper roll Wiggly Octopus Friends Рsomething you really, really have to check!

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 Toilet Paper Roll Craft Independence Day Bunting

We used white and red wool to give the blue colored toilet paper rolls the American flag feel. But we didn’t stop there!
Kids and stamping go hand in hand so in order to make this bunting we had to make a star shaped stamp. A little bit of foam and a bottle cup did the trick! Yay for recycling!
Last but not least it was time to showcase the Independence day toilet paper roll bunting!
I must say that I’m really like how it turned out – better than I anticipated to be honest – it looks classy! Now just imagine you would have dozens of these around the house – they would look gorgeous don’t know if kids would be up for making that many but to be honest I really enjoyed making these myself!

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