Winter Find and Color Worksheet

The winter is coming and this means it is time for some printable indoor activities. We got a new Winter Find and Color Worksheet for Kids to share with you.

This seek-and-find worksheet is great to keep your kids busy for some time.

Free Printable Winter Find and Color Worksheet for Kids

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Ready to start?

Let’s find and color all of the given images and enjoy the hunt!

Winter Find and Color Worksheet for Kids

You will get one printer-friendly worksheet.

The goal of this find and color game is to find the right amount of images in the square below and color them with your favorite markers or crayons.

This winter-themed worksheet is great for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten as well.

In the first frame, there are 8 different images with numbers beside them.

The numbers will tell the children how many of each object they need to color.

They can, of course, color them with different crayons, or color each group in the same color. Let them choose and decide what fits them best.

Winter Themed Searching and Coloring Worksheet


As the numbers show, kids need to color 2 igloos, 8 snowflakes, 7 snowy trees, 5 mittens, 4 penguins, 9 snowmen, 6 ice skates, and 10 winter hats.

In the mainframe, you will find 80 images altogether.

This worksheet is great for kids, who are practicing their counting skills up to 10, so encourage them to count out loud.

After they’ve colored the images, they can count, how many mittens, snowflakes, and other images are left uncolored.

This way they can practice their counting some more.

So, let’s start the search and strengthen those counting skills with a help of this winter searching activity.

Winter Seek and Color Worksheet

Get your free Winter Find and Color Worksheet here.

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