Easy Father’s Day Printables

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These cute Free Printable Father’s day Worksheets will sure entertain your kids.

If your kids like to draw, color, write and observe, these worksheets are just the thing.

The pack is dedicated to all the proud dads who like to see their kids showing their skills to them.

This free printable pack has 5 pages.


Free Printable Father's Day Worksheets

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The first page has a simple outline of the dad’s face that needs to be finished. Encourage them to slowly draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, hair and other specific parts of the face. This drawing sheet is great for practicing observation and drawing the whole face.

Next page is to trace the words »father’s day« and to trace the image of a tie. After tracing the tie your kids can also color it with crayons or coloring markers.

The third page is a cute blue maze. Help the boy with a heart to follow the correct order of numbers to solve it. Draw a line through the maze and pay attention not to cross the lines.

And who doesn’t like to write down why his dad is the best? On this page, your kids can write everything they love about their dad. There are 5 clouds that need to be fulfilled.

The last page is to follow the number 1 through the maze of numbers.

After the pack is finished encourage your kids to show the creations, put them on a wall, and to tell their dad why he is their number one.

So, get going! Print these 5 free worksheets, have fun with drawing the dad’s face, write sentences about him and have a good time celebrating the father’s day.

Printable Father's Day Worksheets

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