Fish Playdough Mat – Perfect for The Rainbow Fish

Fish Play Dough Mat
Perfect to go along with The Rainbow Fish
Who loves reading? Who loves Play Dough? Now let’s combine both!

Fish Play Dough Mat

First let the kids read The Rainbow Fish and then (or even as they read) let them get all creative on this fish play dough mat!

If you’ve got some sparkly foil (or anything shiny) be sure to let them use it to make the sparky scales just as The Rainbow fish has!

Let’s have some fun with play dough!

Fish Play Dough Mats – Perfect to go along The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish was one of my favorite books when I was a kid – I can still remember when I first saw it in the library – it really was something special as I have never before seen a book with shiny bits. The shiny scales on the cover got my attention and I wanted to go home with that book! I probably read it a million times, each time admiring and touching the shiny scales.

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