Human Body Parts Worksheets

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Encourage your kids to learn more about a human body with these educational and fun Free Human Body Parts Worksheets.

So, here we go, print out these cool worksheets and learn to recognize different human body parts.

This printable pack has 5 pages.


Pritnable Human Body Parts Worksheets

Learn about the body parts

It is really interesting how our body functions.

Each day when we get up in the morning, we use so many muscles and body parts that help us do what we want or need to do.

Our bodies are very important so we must teach our young ones to know that, to encourage them to learn about the functionality of their bodies.

These simple worksheets are perfect for kids grade 1 and kindergarten.

The first page of this printable is to connect the images with their names.

Recognize the body parts and draw the line between the two.

The next page is to trace the names of each body part. On the third page, your kids need to finish the drawing of a face.

Continue the image and draw the other eye, eyebrow, finish the mouth and draw the rest of the girl’s head.

Afterwards color the picture you’ve created. On the next page there is a well known word search.

Find the 12 hidden words and talk more about the body parts you’ve found.

And on the last page there is a cool crossword that needs to be solved.

Have fun, learn more about our body and print out this adorable worksheet.

Human Body Parts Worksheets

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