Free Printable Little Mermaid Party Invitations

The Little Mermaid is one of the most well known fairy tales of all times and it was super popular even before we were introduced to Disney’s Ariel (whom I adore by the way) although I do like the Disney’s version a lot more – the original isn’t all that happily ever after if you get me.

Party Invites

Mermaid birthday parties are popular with little girls and I know I really wanted to have one when I was a kid (the movie just got out then) so I know this freebie will come in handy.
This one was really fun to make as this was my first attempt at editing a hand-drawn picture (yes the mermaid is hand-drawn by me).

I think it turned out quite nice for a first time so you’ll be seeing more digitalized drawings in the future.

This is also the beginning of soon to be made themed party pack (something I am really looking forward to completing) so expect party banners, cupcake toppers and other party supplies with the same theme soon.

Get it here: Mermaid Birthday Party