Solar System Worksheets for Kids

Let’s learn all the 8 planets (+ sun and the Moon) with these solar system worksheets.

Solar System Worksheets for Kids

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I come from a time when Pluto was still a planet and I do admit I kind of miss it (it was a planet that was super easy to memorize because of a popular Disney character) but our solar system has enough going on even with out it I think (well it’s still there it just isn’t a planet any more).

I’ve made quite a few different worksheets so you should find one that will work best with your kids.

Let’s learn!

Solar System Worksheets Free Printable

Get Free Printable Solar System Worksheets.

I was a star gazer as a kids, I loved everything related to space and even had plans to build my own telescope (didn’t happen).

The fascination continued as I even took astronomy in college.

I bet you can tell I really enjoyed making these space printables and wanted to make them as appealing as possible so that kids develop an interest in all things space.

So this solar system pack includes:

  • 1 word search puzzle with all the planets (you can get more planet word search puzzles here)
  • 1 page with all the planets illustrated and kids have to name them (aka label them).
  • 1 page with the names scrambled.
  • 1 page where planets are not in the right order and kids have to put them in the right order.
  • 1 page where kids have to draw and name the 3 missing planets (Earth, Mars and Saturn).

And there is also a black and white version – printer friendly which kids can also color!

Solar System Worksheets for Kids

Solar System Worksheets for Kids

Grab These Solar System Worksheets Here

Grab your free printable worksheets here: Solar System Worksheets

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