Spring File Folder Games (free)

It’s time to welcome the spring with these free printable file folder games!

Your kids will be learning letters (both upper and lower case), they will work on their counting, color recognition, figuring out the patterns in “what comes next” games and recognize shapes as they put together puzzles.

Printable Spring File Folder Games

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They’ll also be able to put together simple 3 and 4 lettered words – all that with a dash of spring.

So let the educational fun begin!

Counting Spring File Folder Games

Counting File Folder Game

We’ll be counting from 1 to 10 in this one with the help of bees, butterflies, ladybugs, spring weather and flowers!

Print out all pages. Leave the pages with images as they are (you can cut out the green frame if you want) and place them in file folders. Cut out numbers.

Have the kids place the correct number in the empty field next to the images.

This game can also be easily used as a worksheet (if you laminate it you can use it again and again).

Grab this one here: Spring Counting File Folder Game

Upper and Lower Case Letters

Upper Case and Lower Case Letters

Next we’ll be learning the ABC’s with the help of flowers and bees!

I had a lot of trouble with upper and lover case letters especially with d and b when I was a kid and I know a lot of other kids struggle with them to (amongst other letters) so helping them out through play is always a great idea.

Grab this one here: Upper Case and Lower Case File Folder Game


Puzzle File Folder Game

Puzzle’s are great for shape recognition!

This file folder can be played two different ways!

First you can have the kids place try to match and place the full colored pieces of the puzzle on the template (the one with the faded image). This one is easier.

You can also have them put together the puzzle without the help of the template!

Grab this one here: Puzzle File Folder Game

What Comes Next File Folder Game?

What Comes Next

*We Have Many Many More*

What comes next? There are two simple patterns in this game and kids have to figure out which image follows the pattern.

Grab this one here: What comes next

Simple Words

Simple Words

It’s time to learn a few simple spring themed words!

When you print the pages cut out the circles with letters. Kids will have to place them on the caterpillar in order to form the correct word – the word they are looking for is illustrated above the caterpillar (bee, rain, sun, frog).

Grab this one here: Simple Words Building

Color Recognition

Color Recognition

Print each page two times, leave one as it is and cut the other one to get the tiles (each with one butterfly).

All butterflies are different so kids will have to match them depending on their colors.

Gran this one here: Color Recognition