Spring Word Search Puzzles

With spring just around the corner these Spring Word Search Puzzles for kids are spot on!

I was solving these like crazy when I was a kid and I admit I’m still a bit obsessed with them as an adult :).

They are a great kids activity as they are perfect for literacy, spelling practice and much more!

As for the more seasoned (but still young and beautiful) brains they make a great mental exercise!

Printable Spring Word Search Puzzles

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Easy 5×5 Spring Word Search Puzzles

These are perfect for beginners. 5 x 5 grid is pretty easy, letters are big and I didn’t include backwards and diagonal words.

Stress and frustration free! Perfect for introducing your kid to this fun activity.

Grab the 5×5 Spring Word Search Puzzles here.

10×10 Grid for the More Demanding

10 x 10 grid is a bit more demanding and you’ll find diagonal and backwards words too! I rally liked backwards diagonal words as a kid as I was an expert when it came to spotting them.

Grab the 10×10 Spring Word Search Puzzles here.