St. Patrick’s Day Snakes & Ladders (free)

Reach For the Pot of Gold!

I was really, really afraid of Leprechauns when I was a kid because I saw one nasty horror movie (called Leprechaun).

Me and my friend begged my older sister to rent it and when our parents were away we watched it.

The movie is actually really funny if you watch it as an adult but as a kid I was terrified to go to the basement and answer the phone for a long time after watching this movie.

That said St.Patrick’s day should be all about pot’s of gold, friendly leprechauns, rainbows and shamrocks! And that’s what this version of Snakes and Ladders is all about, well minus the rainbows that is (maybe next year!)

St. Patrick's Day Snakes & Ladders (free)

This time the snakes (and the ladders) are having fun on a beautiful green shamrock field.

The little leprechauns will have a lot of work if they will want to get to their gold!

Thankfully they can use the ladders to quickly climb through the board… If they are lucky enough to land on them!

Download St.Patrick’s Day Snakes & Ladders

I do recommend you print it on a thicker paper or even better use a thermal laminator and this board game will easily last you for years.