The Little Mermaid Party Printables

I’m so happy to share this mermaid printable party pack with you as these mythical creatures are really dear to me.

Mermaid Party Supplies Free Printable

I loved mermaids when I was a kid and although Disney’s Ariel was my favourite of them all I greatly enjoyed all other Little Mermaid variations and everything mermaid-connected.

It’s no secret I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up, it seemed as a nice occupation but as that was unlikely I could settle with a themed birthday party where even if for one day I would be the mermaid.

The Little Mermaid

This pack contains all the essentials for a party. We’ve got birthday invites, cupcake/party circles, water bottle labels and banners.
I was thinking about the color of the hair for a while, I decided to go with blonde but switched to red in the end as it gives more pop (I think the blonde really wouldn’t stand out as much but I might give a brown one a go in the future).

I’ve also created an octopus as this is an ocean animal I really admire for it’s brains – I sometimes can’t believe how smart they are.

We’ve used these at a birthday party too and kids did like them a lot (it could be they were just high on sugar though ;).
You can download and print these party supplies for free for your personal use – do not post them elsewhere online.

Grab them here: Mermaid Party Supplies