4th of July Free Printables for Kids

The Independence day and the celebrations are getting closer so we prepared a nice pack for you – 4th of July Free Printables for Kids.

So let’s get going.

Print out this cool pack and enjoy the upcoming celebration through coloring, drawing and practicing.

This free printable pack has 5 pages.


Free 4th of July Free Printables

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Get 4th of July Free Printables for Kids

On the first page of this printable, your kids will have to trace the words Independence day. After tracing the words there is a blank 4th of July hat yet to be colored.

The second page is to encourage your kids to finish the other half of the picture. On left side there is a half-drawn image of a rocket, so finish up that rocket and color it with your own colors.

The Third page is a math worksheet. Calculate the results and write down the answers in the boxes beneath.

Some of the letters are done for you, so let that 4th of July spirit flow with this cool crossword.

On the fourth page, there is a fun word search sheet. Find the words that are written below and after finishing, tell your kids more about the year of 1776.
And on the last page, your kids have to solve the 4th of July themed maze. Follow the number 4 and solve it.

Have fun with this free worksheet and inspire your kids to learn about the 4th of July.

Free 4th of July Printables

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