Free Printable File Folder Games

Tons of free printable file folder games just waiting for you to print them!They are always a great and fun way to learn with preschoolers. I love file folder games (free ones even more)!

A lot of free file folder games

They make learning fun and way easier than just your ordinary pen and paper! They are great for teaching toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids math & numbers, ABC’s and shape recognition amongst other things.

I’ve created quite a few already and am looking forward to creating many, many more so be sure to check back often.

Free Printable Seasonal File Folder Games


Summer time! 6 file folder games just waiting for your kids! From silhouette match to ice cream color match! Psst! Ice cream makes this one of my favourite printables on the site!

Get Summer File Folder Games


spring file folder games
It’s spring! This pack includes 6 cool games to help teach your kids ABC’s, counting from one to ten, shape and color recognition, simple words and patterns!

Get Spring File Folder Games


Looking out the window and you see snow?  
You’ll be matching colors, recognizing words and counting snowflakes!

Get Winter Themed Pack


Fall file folder games
Leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees. Apples and pumpkins are in abundance… It’s fall! Match scarecrows, learn ABC’s with falling leaves…

Get Fall Learning Printables

Holidays Free File Folder Games

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's day file folder games

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Leprechauns don’t just look for their gold, they are also here to help teach kids! This fun pack is all about St. Patrick’s day so you’ll be seeing a lot of green shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold!

Get St. Patrick’s Day Pack


Easte file folder games

It’s time to dye the eggs and chase Easter bunnies!

Easter Pack

Valentine’s Day

Valentines day file folder games

Love is in the air! This cute game pack is best around Valentine’s Day but to be honest it’s fun all year round! Your kids will work on their ABC’s, counting skills, shapes and colors.

Valentines day pack.


Halloween file folder games

*We Have Many Many More*

It’s time for the ghouls to come out and play! This was my first ever created file folder pack and while I do think it has fun games I can’t wait for next year to update it with fresh ones!

Halloween Pack


Christmas file folder games

Christmas lights, decorations and trees to learn the ABC’s numbers and color sorting!

Christmas Pack

Math File Folder Games

Apple Tree 1 to 10 Addition

Apple tree file folder games

The apple tree is full of simple math problems to solve. Easy math with numbers from 1 to 10, mostly with addition of +1. Perfect for math beginners.

Get Apple Tree Addition Game

Pear Tree 1 to 10 Subtraction

Pear tree file folder games

More math file folder games! This time we will be working with simple subtraction.

Get Pear Tree Subtraction Game

Apple Fractions 

Apple fractions file folder games

Matching visual fractions with numeric fractions. This math game will help with fractions from 1 half to parts of eight.

Let’s Learn Fractions

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