Pear Tree Math File Folder Game

Subtraction can be a bit tough but if it’s learned though play things become a lot easier – Math File Folder GameĀ is perfect for just that!

Learning is always fun (and frugal) with free printable file folder games.

They are colorful, they are fun and if you laminate them they will be played over and over again (maybe even through generations).

Free Pear Tree Math File Folder Games

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This one is all about learning simple math (subtraction) and is perfect for kindergarten / preschool as it only covers numbers up to 10 and mostly deals with minus 1 and minus 2 so it’s perfect for math beginners.

This time the theme is pears! It’s a fruit I really like – when I was a kid we used to “borrow” them from our neighbors.

They knew about it but we felt super sneaky about it and would do everything for them not too see us.

Let’s do some simple math shall we?

Get Free Pear Tree Math File Folder Game

This game can be played as is – by printing all pages, cutting out the pears and laminating them (I really recommend using velcro or magnets for easier play).

You could also print out the pages with math equations and have the kids place a corresponding number of small objects onto them (this is easier as they can visualize the math problem).

Pom poms are always fun!

This printable pack includes 4 pages;

  • 2 pages with pear trees with math problems to put in the folder.
  • 2 pages of pears with numbers to cut and laminate (optionally).

Grab free pear tree math file folder game pages here.

Grab free pear numbers pageĀ here.

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