Animal Word Puzzles

Fun Spelling Exercise

Here is the new adorable Animal Word Puzzle set.

​These free printable puzzles will keep your young ones busy for some time.

Print your Animal Word Puzzle game and get your scissors going.

Cut the cards in pieces as the dashed lines show.

Combining and mixing puzzles is a great visual game, where the children can be creative and have fun with combining these animals.

Lets have some fun!

Free Printable Animal Word Puzzles

Get Free Animal Word Puzzles

This free set has 5 pages!

There are 12 different animal puzzles: a fox, a cow, an alligator, an elephant, a whale, a gecko, a zebra, a pig, an ant, a ladybug, a tiger and a snake.

Also each puzzle creates the name of an animal, so your kids can learn some new animal names in the fun and easy way.

You can also experiment with mixing the animal parts on purpose to create a new animal and see what new names can you create.

Another nice game that you can play with these cute collection is a memory game.
Turn around all the cards and try remember where are the other parts.

This game is a bit challenging, because some of the animals contain up to 8 letters – that means 8 parts of just one animal.

So you can make your own rules, make it a bit harder or just keep it simple and have fun!

Be sure to laminate these in order to make them last longer so kids will be able to play (and learn) with these word puzzles over and over again.

Animal Word Puzzles

Get free printable Animal Word Puzzles here.