Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys in 2017

Our Picks of toys and other gifts appropriate for 10 to 11 year old boys!

Browse through some of the best gifts for 10 year old boys!

Toys and gifts on this page are selected with a “boyish” boy in mind but work great for both genders. So if you have a boy like that at home you’ll probably find a great gift or two on this list or at least get an idea in which direction to go.

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What Gifts Does a 10 to 11 Year Old Boy Want?

Physics Solar Workshop

Let’s keep them interested in science as long as we can! This kit is a great gift as it lets your kids build amazing solar powered constructions that move!

It’s a great kit that covers the bases of mechanics, solar power and simple machines!

Make an Animated Movie

Now this is an open invitation to hours of fun and creative play. This fun kit allows your kids to become directors of an animated movie (this particular kit does not include a camera as I reckon most of us have some kind of cameras at home already – but there is also a version with a camera).

Kids build their unique characters from the parts in the kit (lots of them) and pose them (and easily change poses) to make their own motion picture.

Dart Vader Alarm Clock

If you have a Star Wars/Lego fan at home who has trouble getting up in the morning (OK we all do) this is the most awesome gift you can give him.

I mean seriously what better way to start a day than to have Darth Vader by your side?

There are also many other Lego Mini-figure Alarm Clocks to choose from.

Firevision Sports Set

 Sports gifts are one of the most asked for gifts with boys these age along with cool tech stuff so why not combine those two into one gift?

This cool set comes with a hoop, a ball and super cool “Firevision Frames” which when put on make you see the ball and the hoop in the dark (and light) as it makes the ball and the hoop glow!

Make Your Own Ukulele

What better way to really fall in love with music than to make your very own ukulele (well or any other instrument).

This kit lets your boy build his own ukulele from scratch (almost). When they are finished they cane even color it however they want to make it even more unique and personal.

Talk about a great gift!

Boys are Going to Love These

Let’s get Creative

Lets keep them fit and active shall we? This goal will make sure your kids (and all the neighbours bunch) have lots of fun in the fresh air as they play soccer or hockey (or well a game they invent and is even better than soccer and hockey combined).

Nerf N-Strike Bow

I love Nerf products (especially since they have bows) – I have yet to find another toy that keeps the kids as active and running around as this one does. Now we have a rule – no shooting or aiming at people but if this rule “accidentally” gets broken good thing is the darts (or bullets) from these don’t hurt when you get hit by them.

More Fun Gifts 10 Year Old Boys Will Love!

The Adventures of Tintin 

I’ve probably said it a million times and I am going to say it again a book or a comic book is always a great gift, always.

The Adventures of Tintin is a series of comic books I remember very well from when I was a kid as I couldn’t stop reading them. Tintin is a journalist who unravels mysteries of all kinds on many different places around the world (along with his dog companion Snowy).

Totally Gross! Board Game

Another great gift for a 10 year old boy as board games are always a great excuse for family time (we will be getting less and less of that boo).

Totally Gross is a fun and quite unique game which even sneaks in some learning as you have to answer science questions or acting out gross challenges (this being the super fun part, especially for the kids).