Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls in 2017

Our Picks: Toys and other gifts appropriate for 10 to 11 year old girls!

Browse through some of the best gifts for 10 year old girls!

This is a list of gifts meant for a “girly girl” so most of picks have a dash of pink or other “feminine” touch but we’re not neglecting science, engineering and other skills so you’ll find it all!

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What Gifts Does a 10 to 11 Year Old Girl Want?

What do they like? Well at this age you really have to take a closer look at them as some girls enjoy playing with dolls and other toys while others think that’s child’s play.

Crystal Growing Kit

  They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends… Well I wouldn’t know anything about it as I never liked diamonds to be honest but quite a lot of other minerals did caught my eye. While finding them in nature is great (but far from easy) growing your own crystals is even better!

This kit has everything you need to start growing your own crystals and understanding how they grow – and once you are done with all that this kit has to offer you can go on and find other ways to grow crystals.

Nail Style Studio

 Nails make a statement! I wasn’t one of the super pretty girls back in school (but back then I think this didn’t matter al that much), I had weird and uncontrollable hair, cool clothes didn’t fit me and my sense of rhythm was super bad haha. But I loved to express myself with awesome nail designs that everyone adored. Each nail it’s own work of art.

If your girl loves to do her nails this Nail Style stuido kit is a perfect gift!

Hair Chalk

  At 10 I think kids are way, way to young to actually die their hair with real color (just my opinion though) but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy a less permanent solution – like hair chalks! These will help your little girl make her hair look pretty awesome – she can have pink locks or do a cool ombre look. Or well just put on all the colors of the rainbow and rock that look.

Easy to apply and even more importantly easy to remove.

Gummy Candy Maker

What better way to make sure the yummy gummy bears are healthy (well as much as they can be) than to make them at home?

This gummy candy maker kit lets your kids create their favourite candy as they mix and match different flavours in their ultimate candy goal. They’ll be able to make their favourite shapes – gummy bear, fish and snake!

Water Dancing Speaker

 Most of 10 year old girls already have their music tastes well developed and love to listen to music. Why not gift them speakers that will make listening to music even more awesome – you know the kind that looks super cool and even reacts to music by changing lights and even do some water dancing?

More Great Gift Picks for 10 Year Old Girls

A Book is Always Great

A book offers something that no other gift can offer – a whole new world.

If you have a young reader in your home be sure to nurture that and even if you are getting a ton (or one) other gift spend that extra few dollars to also give a book.

Charlotte’s Web is one of my favourites and is one of those classic books that every child should read.

Doddle By Stitch Pillow

Before I say anything else you can also get a duvet (and other things in this series).

This Pillow is special… Why? Because it comes with special fabric pens that let your kids (or you) draw or write whatever they want on the pillow and once it hits the washer the drawings get erased so they can do it all over again. Just like having a brand new pillow each and every time it comes out of the washer.

Perfume Science

 When I was searching for “girly” science kits I soon realized most of the results were girly but didn’t really have to do much with science but this one was a fresh breeze.

While it is about a subject that is more “girly” than not aka perfume it really digs into the science of making scents (which isn’t all that straight forward) and lets your girl create her own fragrances as well as learn about extracting fragrances, exploring physiology of smell…

Knot – a – Quilt

If you have a crafter at home a crafting kit is a must. I love this Knot a Quilt set as in the end you get a super pretty looking and useful thing – a quilt (soon to become the favourite blanky).