Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys in 2017

Toys and other gifts appropriate for 11 to 12 year old boys!

Browse through some of the best gifts for 11 year old boys!

If you have a “boysih boy” at home he will surely love one of this picks! These are some of the most asked for picks of this year (parent approved naturally). Naturally all of these are great for girls too, no rule only boys should enjoy these!

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What Gifts Does a 11 to 12 Year Old Boy Want?

Miniature Ballista Kit

Learning history isn’t always fun (I know!) but when it comes to all the awesome (and sometimes weird) contraptions things do become more fun and with a nifty kit like this they can easily build one of the contraptions (a miniature that is) by themselves.

This ballista is pretty fun to build plus it’s actually working!

Make an Animated Movie

Now this is a fun gift! It lets your kids become movie directors! This fun kit lets them make their own motion picture movie! They get to create their own fun (and funny) looking little actors which they can then move around and take pictures (this set doesn’t come with a camera but they have one that does).

So what are you waiting for? They can already start on their script.

The Encyclopaedia of Immaturity 

This is a must have book for every boy growing up! This cool book has a ton of essential life skills like how to hang a spoon on your nose, secret mysteries resolved – like the do’s and don’t’s of alien abduction, a life time supply of knock knock jokes and all other knowledges that a young boy needs to master.

A fun book to read and lots of laughs for the whole family.

3D Home Kit

If you live in a house this little kit will let your kids easily build a model of your house (if you don’t they can still build a model of any other house).

Lazer Tag

While I’m not all that keen on guns I do think this laser tag toy is quite fun! These toy guns do not shoot any bullets, instead they “shoot” a beam that gets recorded if it hits their opponents.

I do love this toy as it keeps the kids super active as they chase each other in order to leser tag one another and to dodge being hit.

Boys are Going to Love These

Remote Control Quad Copter 

Remote controlled Quad Copter – do I really need to say more! I haven’t yet met a kid that wouldn’t want to have something remote controlled that flies!

I prefer this one than a regular RC helicopter as it is way more durable and harder to break (in my experience RC helicopters are pretty fragile).

Easy to control and hours of fun!

Guitar Starter Pack

This is a great gift for 11 year old boys especially if they are showing interest in music and haven’t yet played an instrument. Guitar is one of the most popular instruments to play and is fairly easy to learn (even more so with this starter pack that includes Guitar Basics for Dummies).

Before you know it your little boy will know how to play all the acoustic classics (which I am sure he will put to good use when he is older).

More Fun Gifts 11 Year Old Boys Will Love!

Bike Wheel Light

At this age bike can be the centre of their attention – it is after all their main mean of transportation (besides mom an dad). Why not give it a fancy tune up?  These cool bike wheel lights will give your kid’s bike a unique look and give you one less reason to worry about as your kid will be more visible on the street.

The Settlers of Catan

As kids are growing up family time with them is harder (and harder) to get and that’s why I like board games – they are an easy way to spend the evening together as a family, having fun, talking and playing board games.

Settlers of Catan is one of the world’s most loved and known games and is fun for the whole family.

Just one note – it takes a minimum of 3 players to play.