Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys in 2017

Our Picks: Toys and other gifts appropriate for 12 to 13 year old boys!

Browse through some of the best gifts for 12 year old boys!

This age can be quite tricky to shop for as some of them are still really child like (nothing wrong with that) and some are already acting like teenagers so you can imagine their gift wish list can be quite varied. Whatever is the case I am sure you will find a few ideas that will work for your kid on this list.

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What Gifts Does a 12 to 13 Year Old Boy Like?

Magazine Subscription 

There’s still some magic in good old magazines and the feel when you get it in the mailbox and unwrap the foil is awesome.

A magazine I really recommend is without a doubt National Geographic. The yearly subscription is not expensive and will bring a smile on your kids face every month while they learn all the cool things about pretty much everything.

Make an Animated Movie

Now this is a fun gift! It lets your kids become movie directors! This fun kit lets them make their own motion picture movie! They get to create their own fun (and funny) looking little actors which they can then move around and take pictures (this set doesn’t come with a camera but they have one that does).

So what are you waiting for? They can already start on their script.

Anything to do With Video Games

Video games are extremely popular with tween boys and you really, really can’t go wrong with a GameStop gift card as when it comes to video games and consoles they have it all!

This way there’s no chance you would buy them the wrong game (this happens a lot 🙂 hehe) and they will be able to get just the game they have been waiting (and saving) for or even put the money towards their first gaming console if they don’t have one yet.

Headphones for a Music Fan

If you have a music fan at home a new set of headphones just might make them happy. Beats are pretty awesome if you ask me, they look cool and teens and tweens are crazy about them (although their price is quite high).

Blue and black ones are usually a hit with boys but there are other cool colors available too. You know their style so get the collor that corresponds.

Basketball (or other sports) Shoes

If your kid is all about sports a new pair of sports shoes will make them happy (along with a new ball).

There are quite a few brands that I would recommend without hesitation – AND 1 being one of them as they do make quality shoes and they look great (as looks are equally important, well even more to a tween boy)

Boys are Going to Love These

Remote Control Quad Copter 

Remote controlled Quad Copter – do I really need to say more! I haven’t yet met a kid that wouldn’t want to have something remote controlled that flies!

I prefer this one than a regular RC helicopter as it is way more durable and harder to break (in my experience RC helicopters are pretty fragile).

Easy to control and hours of fun!

Nerf Guns

As in the end they are kids (well we all are in a way) and although play isn’t as important to them as it was it still can be a part of their lives.

These will let them run around and do some target practice or “shoot” their friends while they will have neighbourhood Nerf tournaments (if this is something you do allow naturally).

More Fun Gifts 12 Year Old Boys Will Love!

Comic Book Making Kit

If you have a comic book aficionado at home or a kid that loves to draw consider this comic book making kit.

This kit will help your kids create their own comic book and is made for pretty much everyone from beginning illustrators to skilled ones.

Along wit a comic book or two or merchandise from their favourite characters this will make a great gift.