Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls in 2017

Toys and other gifts for 4 to 5 year old girls!

   Looking for a great gift for a 4 year old girl? You should find something just right for her on this list! All of these toys other gifts are appropriate for kids that are turning 4 and will still be fun for years to come.

  All of these are parent approved or are on the wish list of many kids and I’ve also made sure most of these suggestion offer some additional value (educational, developmental…) 

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What Gifts Does a 4 to 5 Year Old Girl Want?

   At this age they tend to be really girly – most of them will love dress up, fairy items, pink…

Lego Blocks

  Even if you are getting a gift for the most girly girl out there these should be first on the list (and since you can get a lovely pink set the girly girl aspect shouldn’t be a problem).

Building blocks are great as they allow for open ended play and are the best toy to spark children’s creativity.

Naturally you don’t have to limit yourself on the pink sets – construction, pirates, police cars and other cool things await your little builder.

Dress Up Trunk

Another must have! I loved dressing up as a kid – I would go through my mother’s closet and come out in all kinds of combinations and high heels to kill (my mother wasn’t always happy about it though).

There are so many cool (and inexpensive) dress up trunks available from Princesses to Superheroes. If you ask me however this year’s winner is the Frozen Dress Up Trunk – hands down.

Learning Board Games

Let’s have some fun and learn at the same time! This game will keep the little ones busy and engaged as they figure out “the path”. They’ll have to measure, compare, compete and cooperate to achieve the goal.

A super fun and sneakily educational game that will encourage them to work on their numerical skills, fine motor and focus.

Science & Art Toys for 4-5 Year Old Girls

Let’s do some science and get just a bit artsy!

Science Kits

There isn’t a better age to get kids interested in science than this!

There are so many great science kits for kids of all ages available – you can start off with erupting volcanoes, crystal growing or some spy science!

The “My first Scienc Kit” is just perfect to get them started!

Art Kits 

Art and craft kids are another popular gift in this age group – their fine motor skills are pretty sharp now so they can now trully make masterpieces (not to say that their previous drawings were not 🙂

So anything goes – set of crayons, coloring pens, drawing books, craft kits (such as the awesome Sticky Mosiac Ponies kit)…

Ant Farm

  I didn’t need this toy as kid as we lived in an area where there was a gazillion ants! Ants everywhere! But I did love watching them and I admit I would occasionally close one of their exit holes with dirt just too see how they will get organized and fix the problem (most of the time I just feed them with all kinds of things).

This lovely kit will let your kids observe how the ants (which you can order too) build their home and how they interact with each other.


Another Book for The Home Library

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

  I was a huge fan of Peter Rabbit (well I still am to be honest) it’s one of the books you just have to have! Why I say that? I was quite a reader (and listener) and if I think back to remember which were the books I’ve read and I’ve read them in triple digits this is one of the first titles that comes to mind.

Your kids will love the story and I’m sure this book will be read over and over again.

More Fun Toys 4 Year Old Girls Will Love!

Palaeontologist Barbie Doll

Barbie doll has to be one of the most asked gifts by 4 year olds since the beginning of time (well at least since the beginning of Barbie that is).

They used to be only fancy dresses, home makers, shoppers and other girly girl dolls but as years go by Barbie has gotten quite a few interesting occupations (still rocking the pink color!) – palaeontologist being one of my favourites.

A Doll House

The evergreen classic.

I can’t think of a girl who wouldn’t jump up and down with joy if she received this gift.