Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys in 2017

Toys and other gifts appropriate for 5 to 6 year old boys!

 You will find quite a few fun and educational gifts for 5 year old boys on this list!

Choosing just the right gifts wasn’t as hard as a bit more than five years ago the baby bug was strong amongst our friends so we had to hit the toy stores quite a few times this year already!

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What Gifts Does a 5 to 6 Year Old Boy Want?

   They can get a bit demanding at this year as they see what other kids have and know what things are popular.


You really can’t go wrong with these. The more the merrier. There are a lot of sets available for this age range some of the more popular are Spider man and Lego City series (as it features cool occupations such as policeman and fireman – evergreen hits with boys).

Whenever I buy Lego sets for others I make sure the sets don’t just have the vehicles and custom blocks but also a decent amount of regular building blocks as those are the ones that spark their creativity.

Zoomer Dino

This one is a new arrival for this year – if you remember the dog Zoomer from the previous years (or even the dino from last year) you get the idea of what fun this little thing is capable of.

Do check it out – you (and your kids naturally) will fall in love.

First Microscope

This is something I begged to have as a kid (they were supper expensive and way less cool then though) and never received so it’s one of the first gifts that comes to my mind in this age group.

This microscope will get them interested in science and exploration of the microscopic world that surrounds us. It comes with 12 prepared interactive slides (children can listen to fun facts as they observe the slide as this is a talking microscope).  You can also get additional regular slides or make your own.

Learning & Science Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Science in a Box

There are so many great science kits available nowadays to get kids started in science the fun way!

Let your kids do all kind of fun (and safe) experiments – they’ll make a color changing volcano, explore colors and much more.

Big Preschool Workbook

From all the workbooks I have seen this one is probably the best value for money (inexpensive and has 320 pages plus additional goodies).

The graphics are super cute and engaging and there are all sorts of puzzles (mazes, color by letters and numbers, tracing, shape recognitions…) and “worksheets” to be found in this one.

They also have a “The Big Kindergarten Workbook” and “The Big First Grade Workbook” amongst many other great educational titles.

Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders

Spider man and other superheroes are a big thing amongst 5 year old boys! So anything superhero goes!

As most boys already have a few (or a ton of action figures) these might not be the best option especially if you are getting a gift for a friends child but anything else with this theme is fair game! Bed sheets, lamps, t-shirt… But as toy is always a toy (and a kid favorite) my vote goes to this Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders (great for working on math skills too).

You can never have enough books

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

Books, books and more books! Book always makes a great gift!

This is one of our favourites (we’re a total dino family!). A fun rhyming read that entertains and teaches about bed time routines… And has dinosaurs!

Combine this with a dinosaur action figure and you have a winner.

More Fun Toys 5 Year Old Boys Will Love!

Cars and Racing

Can you remember the times when Hot Wheels were not popular? I can’t!

This is yet another great  pick as you can never go wrong with toy cars even more so if they can race on a track that has awesome loops!


Until now all of the suggestions were more of an indoor type so let’s bring things outside and get moving shall we?

Let’s get on a scooter! These are fun and great for balancing! They also get your kids moving as they will love to ride their schooter around the block.

Imaginext Mega T-Rex

Future meets past! Now just tell me what 5 year old boy would like a toy that combines futuristic science fiction and a fierce looking tyrannosaurs rex with moving action and sounds?