Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys in 2017

Our picks – Toys and other gifts appropriate for 6 to 7 year old boys!

  Browse through this list of gifts for 6 year old boys and I’m sure you will find just the right idea for their birthday or for something to put under the tree (or well a just because thing as we all deserve it here and there).

You will find quite a few “most asked for” toys as well as “non-toy” gifts for every occasion.

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What Gifts Does a 6 to 7 Year Old Boy Want?

   They sure know what they want! Action, superheroes and lots of fun!


Superheroes + Lego blocks = winner! Lego Super Heroes series is one of my favourites to be honest (was always a superhero fan).

This set has a whole lot of action – you’ve got your friendly neighbour Spider Man along with some friends and foes! The set is easy enough to build by this age range and to play with for ages to come. If they already have other Lego blocks (and I am sure they do) they can easily expand on this set by building more buildings for the heroes and villains to play in.

Zoomer Dino

This fierce toy will become their best friend.

​This interactive toy is one of the hottest toys this year and on many boys wish list.

Laser Tag

Firstly I’d like to say that this toy has no actual red laser beams (that show on the product) that would shoot out of them but have infra-red beams which are safe for the eyes (I’ve read some reviews complaining about this toy not having an actual laser and was a bit shocked someone would really want a toy for kids with actual red light lasers).

That said this toy does have the regular light effects and will register when someone is “shoot” so believe me when I say kids will love it!

Remote Control Bumper Cars

Remote control car is fun by itself now add another one and make them meant to bump each other… Priceless!

This duo is meant as a game to play – kids have to drive these cars and have them bump one another until one of the drivers is sent flying out of the car.

Learning Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

Stepping into Science Kit

Science kits make a great and engaging introduction to science.

I really like this kit as it covers 5 different areas of science (25 experiments) – nature, physics, chemistry, air and water exploring air pressure, growth, static electricity, sun dials, building a barometer…

Perplexus Maze

These are so cool! You can get them in many different difficultly levels (do get one for yourself it’s a great brain trainer!)

3 dimensional maze solving is great for the brains, patience, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

Lots of fun watching the ball go pass all the twists, turns and obstacles.

A Few Books Boys Will Love

Paper Air Plane Book

Ah paper plains, the simple work of art that provides hours of fun and with this book you can even extend the fun as your kids are introduced to more than 100 ready to fold paper planes! And they go beyond your standard one “sheet of paper” folded plane – glue, paper-clips and more to bring them to a whole new level!

Which one will fly the fastest? Which one will fly the furthest? Which one will…

Laugh out Loud Jokes

You can also get the Knock Knock Jokes for kids book (but I think these are way funnier to listen as knock knock jokes can get a bit tedious (you didn’t hear me say this!)).

This book if full of kid friendly jokes guaranteed to case a lot of laughter in this age group.

More Fun Toys 6 Year Old Boys Will Love!

Stomp Rocket

I am always amazed by this simple toy… The excitement kids get from playing with it over and over again… Priceless!

Now this is the ultra kit and as the “rockets” can fly up to 200ft up in the air this sure isn’t a toy you would use indoors (they have a version with smaller height reach though).

 Nerf Toy Guny

Although we are pretty much against real guns here (this comes down to a personal choice) I never saw anything wrong with toy guns and think they make a great gift and a good starting point to start talking about gun safety.

Nerf is hands down our favourite – lots of fun models for all ages and the bullets don’t hit you hard.