Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys in 2017

Toys and other gifts appropriate for 7 to 8 year old boys!

Browse through some of the best gifts for 7 year old boys!

This list is made with parents looking for “boyish boy” toys (think color blue, vehicles and Star Wars and such) however all of the toys presented on this page are great for girls too!

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What Gifts Does a 7 to 8 Year Old Boy Want?

Something super cool! Anything Star Wars is usually a hit. Something they can use with their friends. Something fun (dooh).

Electric Scooter

Now who wouldn’t like that? They can ride it as they would a regular scooter or/and they can cruise the neighbourhood in style as the electric motor takes control.

I am all for physical activity but sometimes it’s just fun to not have to pedal things around.

Snap Circuits Jr.

Something to keep the little brains busy! This snap circuit kit has over 100 projects so it should keep the kids busy (and creative) for a long, long time!

It’s a great set to get them interested in all things electricity (and physics) as they will be able to design and test their own working electrical circuits.

Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars are huge in this age range and if we combine it with one of the most awesome board games of all times – Monopoly – then things really can’t get any more awesome!

I was pretty much obsessed with monopoly when I was a kid and it’s one of the games I still enjoy playing with the kids (I am also a huge Star Wars fan and even have another version of Star Wars Monopoly haha!).

Laser Building Set

Building toys are great for all ages! I’ve discovered this awesome building set I think boys will be crazy about as it has lasers!

This clever building toy lets kids create all kinds of fun constructions that light up in the end – how cool is this?

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Boys are crazy about this one so it really is a toy to consider!

A simple toy and hours and hours of fun that also lets kids learn about air pressure. This one is for outside use as it can soar up to 200 feet (you can get a indoor friendly version too).

Boys are Going to Love These

Just for Boys Tattoos

Let the boys get creative with this temporary tatoo sticker maker set.

Kids will be able to create their own tattoos as this kit lets them color in the shapes with whichever color they want! Talk about creative fun!

This is one of my favourite picks from this list to be honest!

Laugh out Loud Jokes

You can also get the Knock Knock Jokes for kids book (but I think these are way funnier to listen as knock knock jokes can get a bit tedious (you didn’t hear me say this!)).

This book if full of kid friendly jokes guaranteed to case a lot of laughter in this age group.

More Fun Toys 7 Year Old Boys Will Love!

Morphibians Killer Whale
A remote controlled car and a killer whale merged into one toy? Yes please!

Dig and Play Egyptian Tomb

The digging toys are great for learning about history, palaeontology or geology!

This kit will have the kids dig up a pretty awesome looking golden mummy tomb along with a few nifty artefacts. Pretty cool don’t you agree?