Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys in 2017

Toys and other gifts appropriate for 9 to 10 year old boys!

Browse through some of the best gifts for 9 year old boys!

Toys and gifts on this page are selected with a “boyish” boy in mind but work great for both genders.

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What Gifts Does a 9 to 10 Year Old Boy Want?

Something that lets them be creative. Sports are a huge hit with this age group as well as video games.

K’NEX Trhill Rides Roler Coaster Building Kit

I like toys that offer something more and I think this one has a lot to offer!

With 624 pieces in this kit your boy will have a lot of building and engineering to do. And once they are done building the fun continues as this baby has a motorized chain lift that will help the roller coaster car do endless loops!

You don’t need to limit yourself to building just this one roller coaster, you can build all kinds of things and even expand it with other K’NEX kits.

LEFO Minecraft

Got a Minecraft fan at home? Bring the virtual world to reality with this fun Minecraft LEGO kit.

This set includes a pig, Villager and a Zombie (which I absolutely love) and lets your kids build The Village along with mines underneath (with walls that can “explode”!).

A pretty fun way of bringing Minecraft to the table.

RipStick Caster Board

Let’s keep the kids active! This board is really fun to ride on (seriously you should give it a try if you decide to get one), although it does need some getting used to (more for adults than for kids).

While this one might look a bit more wobbly than what we are used to from the “good old days” it allows for much more control in steering than “ours” did. Great for balancing and kids are crazy about it.

Night Vision Goggles

Most of boys in this age group I know want to be spies, detectives, policemen when they grow up so getting them something as cool as night vision goggles will make them jump of joy.

Pokemon Wall Decal

Boys are crazy about this one so it really is a gift to consider!With Pokemon being as popular as they are this is certainly a good pick.

Boys are Going to Love These

Let’s get Creative

If your kid is crazy about cars (especially Hot Wheels) he is going to love this playset as it lets the kids create their own unique car! How about that?

Choose the color, put in to the machine to mold the little car and then decorate it with cool decals just the way you want it. Makes me want to make one or two.


Now this, this is brilliant! You do need a smartphone or Ipod Touch in order to use this toy but if you have it I really, really urge you to check this out as this little wonder toy lets your kids make holograms (plus all sorts of cool magic tricks).

It will wow your kids and will be an instant hit.

More Fun Gifts 8 Year Old Boys Will Love!

Goosebumps Book Series
A remote controlled car and a killer whale merged into one toy? Yes please!

Video Games

Video games are great if they are played moderately. One of our favourites is (at the moment at least) Skylanders. Worth checking.