Back to School Alphabet Dot to Dot Worksheets

Ready to get back to school? We’ve created ten back to school alphabet dot to dot worksheets designed to help your little ones practice capital letter recognition and alphabetic order.

As with all of our Dot to Dot printables, these worksheets help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Back to School Alphabet Dot to Dot Worksheets

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Alphabet worksheets are a great way to build love for printed materials and the behaviors needed for later school success for children too young to know the alphabetic order or even the alphabet itself.

Back to School Alphabet Connect the Dots Worksheets

These fun activity sheets feature back to school themes.

Whether your child is attending homeschool or a program outside of the home, these worksheets all:

  • include the whole alphabet.
  • have pictures that emerge as the dots are connected.
  • contain school related pictures such as school supplies, paints, globe, and many more.

Although these worksheets are an asset in any kindergartner’s classroom, homeschool, or home reinforcement collection, they are also wonderful for preschoolers and first graders.

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These connect the dots printables have many uses.

Children can:

  • guess what the pictures are before beginning work and as they connect the dots.
  • try their hand at using a ruler to connect the dots.
  • use the back of their paper to redraw the picture from memory.
  • create a story using the completed pictures as scenes and tell their story to a friend, sibling, or adult.
  • enjoy laminated worksheets as a fun activities on a rainy day, during a long car ride, or at the breakfast table.

Parents and teachers will love incorporating these Back to School Alphabet Dot to Dot Worksheets into their educational repertoire.

Back to School Alphabet Dot to Dot Worksheets for Kids

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