Dinosaur Activities – Fun Preschool Worksheet

Need something to keep the kids busy that is also educational? These 6 Printable Dinosaur Activities will engage kids for hours while teaching them fun dinosaur facts.

Dinosaur activities are great for teaching creative skills, new vocabulary words, and getting kids excited about archaeology!

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Printable Dinosaur Activities for Kids

This set of dinosaur printables contains a wide range of dinosaur activities that are perfect for teachers and parents to use in the classroom, at home, or on the go.

The first activity will allow them to create their own unique dinosaur from its name, how it looks, and even what it eats.

After they make their own dinosaur they can help a lost baby dinosaur navigate his way to his mother.

Also included in the set is a DIY mask so kids can turn into the most furious dinosaur of them all, the T-Rex. There are also plenty of new vocabulary words in a dinosaur themed word search.

Lastly, they can learn about the triceratops and brachiosaurus (a tracing coloring page) with two coloring pages.

These free printable worksheets are perfect to use in preschool and kindergarten classes.

Laminate them and use dry erase markers so they can be reused by multiple students.

The word search activity can be turned into a friendly race to see who can find all the words first. The worksheets also make great after school, weekend, or road trip activities.

It is important to find actives that will keep kids entertained but also stimulated.

This set of dinosaur worksheets achieve that balance by entertaining and engaging the brain.

Printable Dinosaur Activities for Preschool

Print These Dinosaur Activities

Get these 6 printables here.