Free Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages for Kids

Are your kids ready to dive deep into a magical world of wonder with these free printable mermaid coloring pages? From kawaii mermaids that are cute as a button to more realistic ones as far as mermaids can be, your girls and boys will fall in love with these cute designs.

Are you ready? Make sure you have many colors of crayons at hand (or coloring pens) and embark on this magical under-the-sea coloring adventure.

Free printable mermaid coloring pages

We hope you and your kids will enjoy this magical collection of mermaid coloring pages, as all of them are absolutely free for you to print. These printable coloring sheets are a great and fun activity for kids who love all things mermaid and love to relax coloring. Wit a selection of easy designs for toddlers and preschool kids to color in, to more detailed ones for big kids we think you’ll find just the right one.

Free Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages

To get the coloring page PDF’s, all you need to do is click on the “Get it here” button under each of the images to get your PDF. Be sure to check back, as we will be adding even more.

This wonderful mermaid is gracefully swimming in the sea. Not to hard and not to easy this one promises a whole lot of coloring fun.

Another cute and easy memaid coloring page for kids to color in. Let them use all the colors of the rainbow to make this one pop.

This one is so simple and sweet, waiting patiently for your colors to meet.

With just a bit of background, this one is great for developing fine motor skills.

Perfect for preschool and toddlers, this one has lots of large spaces to color in. Isn’t she cute?

This mermaid is sitting on a shell. There’s a lot going on here so this one is perfect for older kids to color.

We have a happy, maybe singing, mermaid next.

Many details to color, perfect for kids who have good coloring skills.

This one is looking oh so pretty, sitting on her sea shell.

Another adorable mermaid coloring sheet to color.