Letter A Tracing Worksheets

Ready for some ABC’s exercises? Let’s practice writing letters with a new pack of Letter A Tracing Worksheets and have fun while learning.

Writing skills are very important for kids or students, and these two worksheets will help them master the first letter of the alphabet.

Printable letter a tracing worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. #freeworksheetsforkids #lettertracing #alphabetworksheets

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Letter A Tracing Worksheets

This letter a tracing worksheets set will help your kids or students master writing down both uppercase and lowercase letter a.

The set is perfect for kids in preschool or kindergarten, depending on when your curriculum asks for kids to know how to write the letters.

We know that the Alphabet Worksheets can be of great help when it comes to writing.

Trace the Letter A Worksheets

Handwriting Worksheets can help build writing confidence and can be a fun practice for your young ones.

There are two letter a worksheets in this set. On the first page, your kids will practice the writing of an uppercase letter. In the top-left corner, there is a big letter that shows how to write the letter A properly with three lines. This will help your kids learn how to write down the letter A.

To make the practice more fun there is also an image of an apple right beside it, so your kids can color it. At the bottom of the page, there is also the word “ANT” with the uppercase letters to trace. This way they will get to know the other letters as well, and practice writing other letters too.

The last row is blank, so children can write the letter on their own and practice some more.

On the second page, there is a lowercase letter A to trace. Kids can also color the big ant at the top of the page, and get to trace the word “apple” at the bottom.

Letter A Tracing Wroksheets

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Get your Letter A Tracing Worksheets here.

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