Letter R Tracing Worksheets

Dive into learning how to write the letter R with the help of this set of Letter R Tracing Worksheets.

Handwriting worksheets can really be helpful when it comes to learning how to write.

Letter R Tracing Worksheets for Kids #freeprintablesforkids #printableworksheets #tracingletters

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Tracing the lines and letter shapes helps kids gain experience and confidence to write the letters individually.

Letter R Tracing Worksheets

We created two tracing worksheets for letter R.

On the first one, your preschooler or kindergartner will practice how to write the letter R.

To help them out, there is a big letter R with arrow and number guides showing them the order and direction of strokes.

They can trace this letter with crayons, colorful markers or dry erase markers if you will laminate the sheets.

It’s best to warm up the hands before kids start tracing the letters. To do that, why not color the image of a rainbow.

After the rainbow is colored in, kids are ready to take on tracing the letter R.

Let them trace all of the letters and then try their hand at writing down the letter R without the dashed letters.

Trace the Letter R Worksheets

We’re not done yet! There is a letter R outline still to color and another image of a rabbit to color in as well as the word rabbit to trace.

Now that your kids are done with the uppercase letter it’s time to move to the lowercase letter.

Same as before, there is an example of how to write down the letter properly with arrow and number guides.

To warm up, kids can color an image of a rabbit.

At the bottom of this handwriting worksheets, there is an image of a rainbow with the word rainbow to trace.

Letter R Tracing Worksheets

Get your Letter R Tracing Worksheets here.

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