Perler Bead Super Mario Coasters (with patterns)

So we finally did it! We bought a big jar of Perler beads as a part of our DIY Christmas gift marathon – we will be making Perler beads coasters for some of our friends but the first “trial” set is for our home and we decided to make Super Mario Perler bead coasters!
So we decided to do one mushroom, star, boo and the old fashioned fire flower as these looked the best as coasters.

Perler Bead Super Mario Coasters (with patterns)

Now this is our first time working with fusing beads and as sadly we’re no that into reading instructions (some people never learn right?) things haven’t exactly gone smoothly the first time as you can see on the picture bellow. Live an learn I say, live and learn! (Should mention that the pegboard wasn’t Perler brand so this just might be due to lesser quality?! I don’t know). On the plus side, as I am trying to get better with photography (and failing haha) this is probably the best photo I took… Ever…

Second time was a charm though (and all that followed) and working with these is really, really fun (and super quick and easy if you use long tip tweezers).

We followed this pattern I found on Pinterest – sadly I couldn’t find the original source of these patterns (it might be that they were uploaded to Pinterest directly). We followed this pattern and added some of our own ideas – like green grass (had nothing to do with the fact we were afraid of running out of blue Perler beads :).