Space Tracing Worksheets

We’ve got some new and exciting printable worksheets for you today! These free Space Tracing Worksheets are such a great resource for your young learners.

Not only does this space tracing worksheets help kids learn how to follow lines of a picture, they also help them learn how to trace words and letters and learn fine motor skills.

10 Free Space Tracing Worksheets for Kids.

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Let’s get to it!

Tracing Printables – Space Themed

In this package of coloring pages for kids, you will get 10 space tracing worksheets.

Each worksheet has a picture made of a dotted line so it’s easy to trace! When your little is finished tracing there is a special space to practice the word of each object with letters made of dotted lines as well.

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Space Rocket

On the first page is a rocket ship taking off, with a planet in the background. Underneath is a place to practice writing “Rocket”,

Space rocket tracing printable.


Page number two has a friendly astronaut waiting to meet you! Also, a space to write “Astronaut”.

Astronaut tracing printable.

Shooting Stars

Page three sparkles and shines with five shooting starts to trace and color in. Here kids will learn how to write “shooting stars”.

Shooting stars tracing printable.


The fourth page holds a grand picture of Saturn, with a special writing space.

Saturn tracing printable.


On page five your little students will learn about satellites by tracing the picture and spelling the word.

Satellite tracing printable.

The Moon

Page six brings in a crescent moon with a cute bedtime cap!

Moon tracing printable.

Spacecraft (UFO)

With page seven we find a UFO Spacecraft!

UFO tracing printable.


Page eight brings along a friendly alien to trace.

Alien tracing printable.


Almost done with page nine, you’ll find a huge meteor to tace and color in.

Meteor tracing printable.


The last page you’ll find a magnificent telescope!

Telescope tracing printable.

These worksheets are sure to be a hit with your young astronauts!

You can laminate your worksheets to use again and again, or print out multiples for classes, or as a game to play!

Space Tracing Worksheets for Kids.

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