Free Printable Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets for Kindergarten

This engaging set of free printable subtraction word problems worksheets for kindergarten will help your kids, or students master these types of exercises with easy-to-understand real-world problems.

This set of kindergarten worksheets features 5 worksheets in black and white as well as 5 in color, each with four subtraction word problems to solve. With a focus on simple addition (up to 10) and basic reading and reading comprehension, these are perfect to introduce your kids to word problems.

These are perfect to use for morning work as well as to give students as homework.

Free Printable Subtraction Word Problems for Kindergarten

Subtarction Word Problems Worksheets

All of the worksheets (5 in black and white and 5 in color) feature 4 subtraction word problems for your kids to solve (we also have this type of worksheets for addition word problems). The problems are easy and relatable and each of them comes with a simple illustration to make things even more engaging for your kids.

Students are tasked to read the word problems and write down the subtraction sentence in order to solve the problems.

These simple worksheets will help your kids or your students practice their subtraction (up to 10) as well as reading comprehension: both of these skills are extremely important for kids to master.

Free Printable Subtraction Word Problems

Black and white version si great for single use, however we also included the full color versions of these worksheets – you can print these and laminate them.

We also recommend dry-erase pockets. They are a great alternative to laminating, and as they have colorful edges, kids find them even more appealing. If you haven’t yet added them to your classroom or your home, we really do recommend getting a few.

Free Printable Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets

More Simple Subtraction Worksheets

If you need a simpler approach to subtraction, you might like these visual subtraction worksheets that will help your kids grasp the basic concepts of subtraction.

Another fun set of worksheets is this collection of caterpillar subtraction (up to 10) that will engage your kids in fun number play.