Summer Count and Color Preschool Worksheets

These new and beautifully designed Count and Color Preschool Worksheets are a fun and brilliant way to encourage your young students and children to want to absorb new information and learn as much as possible.

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Summer Count and Color Preschool Worksheets

These dazzling worksheets will help preschoolers and kindergarteners express their creativity and improve their math, counting, concentration and fine motor skills at the same time.

They will learn how to color within the lines and count more efficiently.

Summer Count and Color Preschool Worksheets

In this package of Count and Color Preschool Worksheets for kids, you will get three counting worksheets.

Every worksheet will have ten columns filled with cute and adorable pictures that young kids will love.

There will be a different number of each picture in each column and in front of each column on the first two pages, there will be a space that will show the exact number of pictures that are present in each column.

These Count and Color Preschool Worksheets are Summer themed.

On the first page, there will be pictures of adorable sea animals like starfish, sea horses,and jellyfishes.

Preschool counting worksheets.

On the next page of these numbers worksheets, there will be even cuter and more hilarious sea animals with the addition of pictures of a few things that you will need to bring with you on a hot sunny day outside or at the beach like an ice cream cone, cold glass of juice, volleyball, and a short sleeve t-shirt.

Count and Color Worksheet for Preschool

On the third page, you will find a combination of pictures from page one and two.

There is a blank space in front of each column where your young learner will be able to practice writing the number of pictures that they see.

Count and Color Preschool Worksheets

Your children and students will absolutely adore these worksheets and have so much fun with them.

These worksheets will also brighten up their day and make learning exciting again!

Summer Counting and Coloring Worksheets

You can print multiple copies of these numbers worksheets. These copies can be used to play games in class or at home!

They can also be laminated so that you will be able to use them over and over again.

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