Summer Dot to Dot Worksheets

Practice counting the fun way with these Summer dot to dot worksheets to 25.

Help your child or student prepare for the next school year in a fun way using these printable worksheets.

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Summer Dot to Dot Worksheet to 25 for Kids. They are super fun for practicing counting, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and more.

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Each student has their own unique learning style, so these resources are built to allow you to frame lessons in the way that makes the most sense to you and your learner.

Dot to dot printables provide a great framework to practice counting and recognizing numbers with the exciting twist of uncovering a picture at the end of the activity.

Summer Connect the Dots Worksheets

The aim of these connect the dots worksheets is to draw a line from one number to the next in consecutive order until the lines join together to create an image.

Let your student enjoy themselves by drawing first so that they will be more receptive to practicing the hard stuff.

This way, they will also work on finding the correct order of numbers on their own first which will help their memory more than if you show them.

You can start by asking your student to guess at what image they will find when they finish drawing, motivating them to finish the task.

Then, boost their interest by asking them to describe the different shapes that emerge along the way — which will also improve their spatial recognition.

Make sure to have them say the numbers out loud as they find each one in order to integrate the exercise.

There are 10 fun designs for kids to work on in this Summer dot to dot worksheets pack.

Ice cream – freebie

Sand Bucket

Sand Castle

A Fish

Palm Tree on an Island

A Sun

Beach Sandals

A T-Shirt

A Star Fish

A Sail Boad

Although these exercises are fun drawing games, they are also very effective counting worksheets.

Have your student count with you out loud and point to each number as they say it, then hold up the correct number of fingers.

To use these as math worksheets for more advanced students, you can have them draw a line from one number to the next and ask what those numbers would add up to, then what they would make if they were multiplied, etc.

If you have many students, or a student that is a perfectionist and will want to start over if they make a mistake, laminate these pages and use a dry erase marker so you can use each sheet many times.

If you are using them in a classroom setting, you can have each student come up to the board one at a time to draw the next line and practice their counting and math skills.

If they get stuck, have the other students help them out!

Summer Dot to Dot Worksheets

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