Weather Coloring Pages for Kids

Color to stop the summer slide  with these weather coloring pages for kids.

Summer time is a time to kick back and relax for kids and parents.

Free Printable Weather Coloring Pages for Kids

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However, the “summer slide” can be detrimental to a child’s success.

Summer slide is a term often used to describe the knowledge lost over summer break.

The summer slide can be drastically reduced by creating learning opportunities throughout the summer.

Summer learning opportunities do not have to be intricate lesson plans.

We love to use coloring pages as a fun learning experience.

Free Printable Coloring Pages – Weather Themed

Coloring pages for kids can improve hand eye coordination and concentration skills.

Teachers and parents can use coloring pages with preschool, kindergarten and older kids.

Coloring pages can also provide introductions to fun subjects or provide a quiet moment when dinner needs to be cooked.

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A fun and interesting area to study in the summer is weather.

There are many wonderful weather coloring pages for kids.

Weather coloring pages help kids learn the vocabulary and concepts of weather.

These coloring pages could also be used as a writing prompt.

Pin For Latter


Sun coloring page for kids.


Rainy coloring page for kids.


Rainbow coloring page for kids.

Thunder Storm

Thunder storm coloring page for kids.


Thermometer coloring page for kids.


Snowing coloring page for kids.


Umbrella coloring page for kids.


Tornado coloring page for kids.


Lightning coloring page for kids.

Partly Sunny

Partly sunny coloring page for kids.

Coloring pages can also be used to create a sight word game, a memory game, or even a movement game (shake like thunder, spin like the wind, freeze like ice).

Another way to use coloring pages is cut them up like a puzzle. Puzzles are an excellent tool that help improve problem solving skills essential in mathematics.

The possibilities are endless!

Coloring pages provide simple and quick learning opportunities perfect for summer.

Printable Weather Coloring Pages for Kids

Print These Weather Coloring Pages for Kids Here!

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