Bunny Alphabet Tracing Coloring Pages

Alphabet, coloring and matching!

These 3 in one free printables will keep your kids entertained for hours!

Little Bunny: 3 in 1 Printables

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They work as alphabet tracing worksheets, coloring pages, reading practice and more (so you see they are actually more than 3 in one :).

I love a printable that does more than one thing.

Once I have taken the time to print a worksheet off it is very frustrating for a preschooler to scribble in a few spots and declare themselves done.

The 3 in 1 Printables are just the ticket to solve that problem.

The printables are all coloring sheets, a matching game and a little book.

Let’s learn!

Bunny Alphabet Tracing Coloring Pages

3 in One Printables – Tracing Alphabet, Coloring, Matching

Simply color in the printables.

When your Little One is tired of that, cut the printables along the dashed lines to make a matching game.

The printables were created with simple straight lines on purpose, Little Ones can practice cutting or adults can stack and cut the printables quickly.

Spread the pieces out on a flat surface and look for the matching pairs.

Play as many times as you like.

When the game has grown tiresome find some glue and glue the pages back to back in the order you like and staple the pages together to make a little book.

Decorate the cover with whatever you have on hand; fabric, stickers, crayons, or sparkles.

An read your new creation.

One printable can provide entertainment for a morning or can be done over a number of days. Lots of ways to learn, develop fine motor skills and just plain have fun.


Little Bunny: 3 in 1 Printables

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The Little Bunny Series
Counting to ten might sound easy but what about counting backwards? This adorable book helps kids learn to count to to (and back again) as Mama and Baby Bunny walk down the trail and count other animals. Sweet and simple.
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Dianne Miller is a landscape painter who lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters.
Her work includes the Little Bunny series written for her children when they were preschoolers.
The simply written and illustrated books gently guide Little Bunny through the challenges of life.You can find tons of original, free printables and the Little Bunny series at: http://littlebunnyseries.wordpress.com/
Get these free printable  3 in 1 Bunny Alphabet Tracing Coloring Pages here.