Valentine’s Day Goodie: Butterfly or Bee Lollipop

Print out your VALENTINE’S day gifts!
Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? I know I do! And as I’m a sucker for lollipops it makes perfect sense I’d be giving our these sweet goodies.

Sucker for Valentine's Day: Butterfly and Bee Lolipop

I’ve seen the butterfly lollipop circling around Pinterest and I do love it oh so much but I still decided to make my own version of it and to top it up add a BEEautifull bee to the mix.

I think these are perfect to give to your significant other and are also a fun and easy project for kids – their classmates will love these plus it won’t cost you much (what’s not to love?)

Valentines Day Butterfly and Bee Lollipop
How to make your valentine’s day butterfly or bee lollipop
First thing to do is to download the files – one is for the bees and one is for the butterflies – you can use just one or go with both, the choice is yours (personal use).

Now that you have downloaded your PDF’s you print them out. I recommend using harder paper as this will make this project more durable.

I tried it with the regular white paper too and although it’s more fragile it does turn out great nonetheless.

You can use craft knife or scissors to cut out butterflies and bees shapes, for the lollipop slit the crafting knife works best (mine broke so I used a kitchen knife which worked surprisingly well) so if your kids are doing this project this is where they’ll need your help.

The location of the slit is marked on the printable (you might make it bigger depending on the lollipop stick).

We’re almost done! You can slightly fold the bee/butterfly as this will give them a bit more volume and it will make it easier for you to insert the lollipop.

If you’re making this as a gift for your kid’s classmates I’d also recommend you secure the lollipop with some washi (or regular) tape.
Download the Valentine’s Day Butterfly or Bee (Printable PDF)

Bee: bee

Butterfly: butterfly
I do hope you will enjoy this printable project (do let me know :).