Fun China Facts for Kids

There are so many interesting facts about China!

Let’s learn with facts about China for kids!

Fun China Facts for Kids

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I love making these fun fact for kids printables so much, I admit I do learn a thing or two while doing them too!

As the Chinese New Year approaches (I also have some fun printable Chinese dragon masks to print and color for this occasion) I thought it would be a great time to learn something new about China.

It’s a big and interesting country if you ask me (one of the many places I really want to visit in the future) – with a great history and many other interesting things!

Fun China Facts for Kids

  • China is one of the largest and most populated countries in the world. By size it is close to USA and they swap places for 3rd and 4th largest country in the world (depending on criteria of measurement).
  • Beijing is the capitol city.
  • The largest mountain could be Mount Everest (also the largest in the world). Now I say could as it is on the border of Nepal and Tibet and Tibet claims to be a independent country while China claims Tibet is a part of China. The second largest is K2 (also second largest in the world and this one is without a doubt in Chine – well on the border).
  • The longest river is the Yangtze (also the 4th longest river in the world).
  • Chinese flag is red with 1 big and 4 small yellow stars. Red color symbolizes revolution, the big star communism and 4 little ones the people of China.
  • Chinese written language consist of tens of thousands of character however modern Chinese “only” uses a few thousand.
  • The history of China goes back to ancient civilizations – it was one of the first ancient civilizations.
  • Paper money (bills) first appeared in China!
  • Fortune cookies were not invented in China.
  • Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China.
  • Many wedding dresses in china are red as this color is considered to be a lucky color.

Reading the facts is one thing (and it can be sufficient if your kid is a reading type) but visualizing things can be even better.

That’s why I’ve created this fun printable with all the facts illustrated to help kids “learn” about them.

Fun China Facts for Kids

Get your free printable China Facts for Kids here.