Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Every Gift Needs a Gift Tag!
I’ve been carefully selecting the most perfect gifts for the past few weeks (still have a few to go) for everyone dear to me and the time to wrap them has finally come.

Free Printable Gift Tags for Your Prezzies!

I’m a sucker for gift tags as I always let my family go through the gifts and find the one dedicated to them, I think it adds some fun to the holidays.

Wondering what’s under my Christmas tree this year? My “better” half will get a Star Trek Deck Building Board game (he’s a sucker for Star Trek and I’m a sucker for board games – a win-win).

My sister will be getting one of those kawaii onesies that seem to be a hit this year, she loves anime and all things related so I think she’ll love this one.

I never forget about my dear parents, my father who’s recently become obsessed with bird watching will get a bird feeder along with a year supply of bird food and my mother, well she’s a tough one (one of those who never gives a hint on what she want’s and I’ve already gotten her everything she ever wanted) so if you have a great idea for a cool gift for a mother please do tell me as she’s one special lady.

The kids in the family will be getting some of the popular toys for this year (Robo fish!), a few of those wonder pens which light up when you choose the right answer from the book they come with and some sweets.

Hoped my ramblings helped you out if you’re still in search for gifts.
Wrapping & Tagging Gifts
Ever since I’ve got a printer at home which can print on harder paper I’ve been making my own gift tags (and all sorts of other cool stuff so be sure to browse around my page as there are quite a few free printables on it already) and as I want to share my Christmas cheer I’ll be very happy if they will decorate your gifts too.

I’ve made 3 different tags, one with the snowman, one with gifts and one with a candy cane – they’re simple and do the job they are meant to do.

Download Free Printable Gift Tags
I’ve made these as a PDF file. You need Adobe reader or something similar to view them – if you don’t have any software to view them there’s a trick you can use if you have gmail (don’t know for other mail providers as I don’t use them) – send the file to yourself and click preview instead of download and the file will open in your browser.

Get them here: Christmas Gift Tags